HVAC Sheet Metal

Edwards Metals facility is equipped with the latest state of the art machinery such as an automated coil line, CNC plasma cutters, spiral duct machines, press brakes, and BIM modeling.  We fabricate high quality round spiral duct and rectangular duct using the latest edition of S.M.A.C.N.A. duct construction standards.

Custom Fabrication

Edwards Metals is also a full service sheet metal and light structural steel fabrication facility.  Our capabilities include cutting, bending, and welding of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.  We specialize in fabrication for industrial maintenance, commercial and restaurant construction, as well as small items such as curbs, flashings, drain pans, and electrical boxes.

Spiral Ductwork

Edwards Metals manufacturers spiral duct and fittings per the latest SMACNA standards.  Our spiral ductwork is capable of greater pressures and velocities than traditional round duct, while providing a more asthetic look in exposed areas.